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Case Studies

Check out the case studies to see how organizations like yours found solutions to their challenges with Brushfire.

Scoring Success: How The Oklahoma Warriors Hockey Team Partnered with Brushfire for a Winning Debut.

How The Foursquare Church Simplified its Event Registration Process.

How to elegantly blend your ticketing and online experience

All-in-one event management to streamline church events and the attendee experience

A people-first solution customized for different types of events

Using a single app to host and highlight all major events throughout the year

Turn social media followers into engaged community members by hosting a virtual event with Brushfire Online

Guests spent less time waiting in lines and more time enjoying the event with rapid check-ins and quick walk-up ticket sales

Large attraction finds dynamic solutions for evolving needs

Power better engagement with in-person and virtual conference attendees

Streamline check-ins and support your guests, no matter how many locations you use

Unmatched support, capacity management, and time slots equipped MOI to better serve their guests

Enhanced the attendee experience with a customized Event App

How Brushfire Made Operations a Breeze for a Brand-New Attraction

Ticketing support was needed to avoid overselling shows in a limited-capacity space

Finding multiple customizable solutions for their in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

Deployed a more user-friendly, streamlined way to get tickets to their fans

Event management platform that would bring their operations into the 21st century

With complex registrations and specific requirements, Brushfire rose to the challenge for attendee and groups management

Keep attendees engaged and and maintain a personal touch with virtual events