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The Foursquare Church

How The Foursquare Church Simplified its Event Registration Process.


The Foursquare Church began as a local ministry in 1923 and has been serving people both nationally and across the globe ever since. As membership grew, what started as a smaller church with humble beginnings has expanded to become a community-oriented powerhouse with over 8.8 million members in over 67,500 churches across more than 150 nations. There was no doubt that a ministry of this magnitude needed a sound solution, capable of supporting large-scale events such as camps and conferences. 

As a global evangelical movement, The Foursquare Church faced challenges with its event registration process. With thousands of attendees for each event, managing registrations manually was a time-consuming and error-prone task. Most of Foursquare’s processes were executed manually via spreadsheets, making tracking and data sourcing extremely difficult. They also ran into the issue of group registrations and found this feature to be a rarity amongst other platforms.

The Challenge

The Foursquare Church team had to deal with a large number of registrations, multiple registration forms for different events, and the tedious task of manually sorting through all the data. This resulted in errors and delays in processing registrations, which affected the overall attendee experience while taking up a significant portion of their team’s day-to-day. They also needed the ability to set up events with group attendee types which would allow group leaders to quickly make payments for multiple attendees at once using their group’s Manage link.

“All I have to do is show my team how to build the event initially, and then they can move forward with it on their own without needing my help. I think it’s simplified our work overall and has given time back to our days. I think it’s created a very user-friendly experience for our attendees and we’re extremely pleased with it. Not only that, we’re able to gather the information that we need easily, efficiently, and quickly. It’s an overall perfect package in my opinion. “
Britney Nakamura
Event Manager

Our Solution

The implementation of Brushfire resulted in a significant improvement in The Foursquare Church’s event registration process. With Brushfire, they were able to save time, reduce errors, and enhance the attendee experience. 

The customizable options allowed them to tailor their registration forms according to the specific needs of each event. The robust reporting feature enabled their team to track and manage their event data efficiently, and the digital signature integration has eliminated the need to chase after signatures. Having all of this within a unified platform has greatly streamlined operations across teams. 

The Foursquare Church desperately needed a singular solution that could be easily utilized by all team members. With nearly 200 events last year alone, Brittney Nakamura, Event Manager, explains, “I’m the event manager, but if anyone else builds out an event in Brushfire, what I like is that I can pull that information at any point in time. Our president, for example, will ask us for stats and I don’t need to contact anyone. I have access to all the events, so that has simplified things. Having everything in one spot, so people don’t have to ask the same questions is extremely helpful.”

Expert Customer Support

The Foursquare Church also benefited from Brushfire’s expert support team. This personalized support was crucial in navigating any challenges while maximizing the benefits of using Brushfire.

“The level of support has been fantastic. I think that’s one of my favorite things. Brushfire is willing to jump on a call with me anytime. I just feel very supported and the Brushfire team is amazing. I’ve never had anyone come to me [from our team] and say that they haven’t felt completely supported.”