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Download Youth Ministry (DYM)

Brushfire's Role in DYM's Mastery of the Simulcast Model and Multi-Site Management

Based in Seattle, Washington, Download Youth Ministry (DYM) is committed to empowering youth pastors, ministry leaders, and volunteers with tested & approved resources and steadfast support. With over 300 host sites, DYM was confronted by the daunting task of managing decentralized event coordination and the pressing need for adaptable solutions to oversee multiple locations. 

DYM set out on a quest in search of a ticketing platform, but what they discovered was far beyond their expectations. Their journey unveiled a comprehensive event management solution in Brushfire.


Decentralized Event Coordination: DYM grappled with the intricate challenge of orchestrating events across numerous host sites scattered across diverse locales. This decentralized approach often resulted in communication gaps between hosts and attendees, impeding the seamless flow of information and engagement.

Flexibility: Navigating the diverse landscape of host preferences and evolving event requirements posed a significant hurdle for DYM. They sought a platform endowed with the agility to adapt swiftly to these dynamic needs, ensuring efficient event setup and short turnaround times.

Streamlined Reporting: The absence of robust reporting tools hindered DYM’s ability to glean actionable insights into event performance, attendee engagement, and revenue metrics. Efficient reporting mechanisms were imperative for tracking vital event data accurately and driving informed decision-making.

“The pain point was getting centralized. Getting attendees to host sites was the main reason why we came to Brushfire for a solution, but [Brushfire] ended up being that all-in-one solution we really needed.”
Leigh Sarti


Templatized Event Solutions: Embracing a powerful simulcast model, DYM discovered a transformative solution to their multi-location event hosting hurdle. This approach optimized operational efficiency, delivering consistent messaging and accuracy across different event types and across multiple time zones.

Centralized Event Management:  Brushfire’s comprehensive event management platform emerged as a beacon of efficiency for DYM, offering a centralized hub to oversee every facet of their events. From seamless registration processes to streamlined attendee communication and reporting functionalities, Brushfire empowered DYM to navigate event coordination with unparalleled ease and precision.

Responsive Customer Support: DYM discovered an invaluable asset in Brushfire’s responsive customer support. With their unwavering dedication, the team at Brushfire provided guidance and assistance every step of the way, ensuring that DYM’ could scale, letting Brushfire’s processes and tools ensure smooth and efficient registration and attendee management. 

What distinctly differentiated Brushfire was its proactive approach to providing bespoke solutions aligned with DYM’s unique requirements. This tailored methodology not only resulted in significant time savings for DYM but also mitigated complexities and saved DYM’s team valuable time. Leveraging Brushfire’s technical expertise, DYM was empowered to concentrate on its core objective while ensuring seamless operational efficiency.

Custom Solutions: Collaborating closely with Brushfire, DYM was provided tailored solutions to address their unique needs, whether it be integrating additional features or creating a custom query. This bespoke approach further bolstered DYM’s operational efficiency and effectiveness, enabling them to surpass their organizational goals.


Through a meticulous quest for a solution to their decentralized event coordination challenges, Download Youth Ministry discovered a comprehensive event management platform with Brushfire that exceeded expectations. By embracing an automated process paired with Brushfire’s responsive customer support,  DYM optimized its approach to multi-location hosting, amplifying reach, engagement, and efficiency. The centralized event management capabilities streamlined processes, enhanced communication, and empowered DYM with actionable insights through robust reporting tools.