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Joyce Meyer Ministries

How a hybrid conference found key on-site pre-registration results via Brushfire’s platform and on-site support services.

Joyce Meyer Ministries has been hosting an annual Love Life Women’s Conference for over 40 years, serving as a fellowship for women across the country. As the conference gained popularity and interest from various regions, the organizing team recognized the need for modernization to enhance the overall conference experience.


The primary challenges faced by the team included the manual handling of registrations, the increasing cost of mailing physical tickets and itineraries, and the necessity for a secure and efficient on-site pre-registration system. Additionally, the team sought to adapt to the changing landscape by introducing a virtual viewing option to transform the conference into a hybrid event.

“When Brushfire is on-site, it helps us greatly. We trust that when Brushfire is on-site, you’ll have things taken care of. We feel like you all are a part of our team when you’re there and you represent us well.”
Kim Lipe
Media Portfolio Manager


Automated Registration System: Replacing the manual registration process offered attendees an efficient and user-friendly online registration platform. Attendees could easily register for the conference, reducing the reliance on paper tickets and physical itineraries. One of the immediate and tangible benefits was the realization of substantial cost savings. By transitioning from a manual to an automated registration system and diminishing reliance on traditional physical materials, the conference not only reduced its environmental footprint but also achieved financial efficiency, allocating resources more effectively.

On-Site Pre-Registration Capabilities: Brushfire provided a secure and efficient on-site pre-registration system, allowing attendees to register for the next year’s event during the current conference. This feature enhanced the attendee experience and contributed to a substantial increase in pre-registrations. Coupled with the implementation of a well-designed registration platform, this initiative led to an astounding 2,600 pre-registered attendees. 

Virtual Event Options: Recognizing the growing trend of virtual events, Brushfire facilitated the integration of a virtual viewing option for the Women’s Conference. This decision proved successful in attracting a larger audience, as attendees could choose between attending in person or participating virtually. This remarkable surge demonstrated a substantial increase compared to previous years, highlighting the success of the modernized approach in engaging and attracting participants.

Expert On-Site Support: Brushfire’s on-site support team played a crucial role in ensuring a seamless experience during the conference. The team at Joyce Meyer’s Ministries had the backing and security of expert support, enhancing the overall efficiency of the event. Ensuring a positive on-site experience is paramount, and Brushfire’s on-site support team plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal.


The adoption of Brushfire’s innovative solutions marked a transformative chapter in the history of the Love Life Women’s Conference. This strategic move yielded multifaceted improvements that not only streamlined operations but also significantly enhanced the overall conference experience. The check-in process became a model of efficiency, providing attendees and organizers alike with a seamless and stress-free experience. The expert support contributed to the overall success of the conference, fostering an environment where logistics were handled with precision and care.