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How much does Brushfire cost?

Pricing to best fit your needs, for every event.


Fee Per Paid Attendee

$1.50 + 1%

Fee Per Free Attendee


Fee Per Attendee for Add-Ons

No Startup Costs or Annual Fees

Premium Services

Every Brushfire account includes more than just ticketing & registration.

*Minimums Apply. Contact us for more details.

We do custom pricing, too.

Our standard rates are for organizations with less than 10,000 paid attendees per year or annual event revenues less than $750,000. When designing pricing packages for larger organizations, we consider the number of events, the number of attendees, and your gross payment volume on an annual basis, as well as your history with Brushfire. We’d love to have a conversation to see if you qualify.

All the things!

Need extras? Just Ask.

The following services are available for an additional fee:

On-site support
Thermal ticket printers
Assigned seating pricing strategy
Event-specific ticket designs
Custom thermal ticket stock
Ticket order mail fulfillment

Have something else in mind? Let us know!

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Estimate your Pay-as-You-Go fees

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