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Sell more tickets online and in person with Brushfire. Providing solutions for Ticketing, Registration, Virtual Events, Event Apps, and more.

The Brushfire ticketing platform is trusted by more than 30,000 events each year and counting

Save Time and Money with Simple Pricing

Brushfire pricing is easy and straightforward from the start. You decide how to cover the fees for your events: pass on our fees to your attendees, charge a custom fee or absorb the fees altogether. No start up costs or annual fees required, ever.

Selling daily tickets or timed entry admissions? Contact us for special pricing!

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Powerful Event Solutions Backed by Award-Winning Support

When you sign up for Brushfire, you’re unlocking a world of possibilities for your events. Brushfire is all about making event management easier for everyone. We’re here to help every step of the journey!

Sell Tickets Online or In-Person with Ease

From a few dozen to tens of thousands of attendees, Brushfire provides solutions to manage your event ticketing. From concerts and performances to festivals, daily attractions, and more. Brushfire is a powerful online and in-person ticketing solution.

Create Dynamic Event Registrations

Event registration can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Create a registration event in just minutes with Brushfire. Register attendees for conferences, camps, classes, and more. All the tools you need to manage your event and deliver an excellent attendee experience.

Host Engaging Virtual Events, Live or On-Demand

Create engaging virtual experiences with live, on-demand, and simulated-live content for your event. Interact with chat, Q&A, and more to drive a powerful online experience for your event. 

Enhance Your Events with a Custom Event App

Build a fully digital guide for your event with schedules, maps, speaker bios, Q&A, integrated registration, ticket wallet, and more. The Event App keeps your attendees informed and engaged throughout your event.

Sales, Support, and Customer Service for Your Attendees

Answering calls and emails for your events can be a challenge. Brushfire offers a fully staffed sales and support line dedicated to your events to answer questions and sell tickets or registrations for your events. This premium service add-on can be added to any Brushfire account for an additional $1.00 per attendee.

On-Site Support with Event Operations Experts

Brushfire event operations experts are available to assist with the on-site execution of your event. From in-person ticket sales, check-in scanning, or on-demand name badge printing, Brushfire can provide staffing and equipment to make your next in-person event a success.

What Are Real Brushfire Customers Saying?

Direct from the source, hear why Brushfire is the leading all-in-one event management platform.

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Very pleased with Brushfire!
Abigail W.
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Brushfire makes it easy to find attendees, to create reports, and effectively communicate with attendees. I love the feature of scheduling out emails in advance. And the customer service is top of the line!
Excellent product!
Kristin N.
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Brushfire's team of customer service representatives are so helpful and responsive. They help my team with ticketing and event registration. They have even helped with virtual attendance!
Your dedicated events partner
Mark G.
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The best thing about Brushfire is our relationship with them. They have always had stellar customer service, with quick response times. Their support team solves problems and makes sure everything runs smoothly. It truly feels like they are a part of our staff that we can rely on to handle our events and any new twists we throw at them.
Brushfire is the best!
Emma B.
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I use brushfire to help plan and organize nonprofit events of all sizes! I love that it works well for a 15-person event as well as one with 3000 people! Many competitors don't offer the customizations like Brushfire does and it makes the whole process super simple.
Brushfire With Ease
Garett P.
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I like speed of check-in and support that they offer. If I have a question, they quickly respond. Brushfire has gone above and beyond any expectation with customer support. You could literally go from no knowledge to hosting an event in 1 week!
Excellent Event Management Tool
Kim Q.
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Overall my experience has been very smooth, thanks to their Customer Support team! Like I said, there is almost always a way to do what I need to do and someone is there to help walk me through how or to do it for me and show me what they did so that I can learn for the future.
Highly Recommend!
Anna F.
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The support team at Brushfire is the best I've worked with. They are very responsive, helpful, and friendly. Having worked with other event platforms this makes a huge difference.
Everything you need
Donna P.
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Brushfire is everything you need for any event or business with one simple click. Brushfire has created a platform that gives users and businesses confidence and control over their events.

Download Free Resources to Grow Your Events

Event management is changing and with evolutions in event technology, things are shifting, it’s easy to feel out of the loop. Stay up-to-date and grow your events with free resources from Brushfire.

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