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Genesis Children's Theatre

The Role Of Ticketing Support In Managing Limited-Capacity Show Overselling

About the Organization

A dramatic community of creatives, Genesis Children’s Theatre is focused on youth development through roles on the stage. Since 2010, Genesis has put on plays and shows for the North Texas community, creating a space where families can come together.

With a focus on life skills, the group works to inspire and educate young people interested in the stage. Children learn valuable lessons on responsibility, teamwork, communication, self-expression, and more. Shows feature children ranging from first grade through their senior year of high school.


One of the most important parts of the Genesis Children’s Theatre is the group of dedicated families supporting the performers on stage. Each production includes around six shows with nearly 100 seated guests at each.

If shows were accidentally oversold, there was absolutely nowhere to put additional seats — leading to frustrated parents, grandparents, and community supporters.

Selling open-seat tickets caused additional problems with a kind of “mad house” rush to grab seats as soon as the doors opened. However, with a floor plan that changed for each production, a one-size-fits-all seating chart wasn’t a viable solution either.


"Thanks to Brushfire, we no longer have people show up for a show upset because we oversold ten seats."
Neicole Woodall
Founder & Executive Director
Download this insightful case study to read more about how Genesis Children’s Theater figured out a more equitable way to sell seats while still generating good revenue to support the productions.