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The Oklahoma Warriors

Scoring Success: How The Oklahoma Warriors Hockey Team Partnered with Brushfire for a Winning Debut.


In 2019, the Oklahoma Warriors hockey team embarked on a journey, determined to establish their place within a fiercely competitive arena. Their challenge was formidable – The Warriors needed a ticketing platform that was not just reliable, but also flexible enough to navigate the unpredictable landscape of a newly formed team entering the league.  The kicker, however, would be finding a partner willing to take a chance on a novice organization. Enter Brushfire.

Leading the charge is Oklahoma Warriors owner, Mary Anne Choi: 

“Had Brushifre not been there, I honestly don’t know what I would have done about ticketing. I was really nervous about the first home weekend but Brushfire sent three people from their team and they stayed for both games, which was a huge relief.”

The Challenge

The Warriors were up against the hurdle of the unknown. Being a brand new team, they had no historical data or benchmarks to predict ticket sales accurately. This uncertainty made many other ticketing platforms hesitant to provide their services. The team needed a solution that could adapt to changing circumstances and fluctuating demand without imposing restrictions or inflexible contracts.

“Brushfire didn’t put any demands on us. Working with me to get started was my number one. I couldn’t find another company that would be as accommodating as Brushfire.”
Mary Anne Choi
Oklahoma Warriors Owner

Our Solution

In their search for a ticketing platform, the Oklahoma Warriors found a willing partner in Brushfire. Known for its adaptability and flexibility, Brushfire was willing to take a chance, understanding their unique situation. 

The results were transformative. The Warriors transitioned from box office walk-up sales to a significant portion of ticket sales occurring online, leading to a substantial boost in financial performance, with revenue growth surging by an astounding 350%.

Brushfire’s unlimited ticket-type options and assigned seating capabilities empowered the organization to implement dynamic pricing strategies. This meant that tickets could be adjusted in real-time based on demand, ensuring maximum revenue potential for each game while providing fans with a quick and efficient way to purchase seats of their choice.

“The fact that Brushfire autogenerates the ticket and then it’s sent straight to [the attendee’s] phone- that’s huge. The majority of fans will come with pre-purchased tickets.”

Ultimately the Oklahoma Warriors’ path was strewn with obstacles. Yet, it was their unyielding resolve and the strategic alliance with Brushfire that paved the way for triumph. The Warriors didn’t just discover a steadfast partner; they unearthed an engine for expansion and prosperity. Their journey stands as a testament to the transformative potential of determination, adaptability, and innovation. Onward, Warriors!