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Legacy Dinner Theater

How Legacy Dinner Theater utilized Brushfire to enhance the dining and seating experience at Sneaky Pete's Wild West Dinner Show!

Legacy Dinner Theater offers an action-packed evening of family-friendly entertainment and a delicious all-you-can-eat feast in the beautiful Wisconsin Dells. Sneaky Pete’s Wild West Dinner Show is a thrilling adventure where daring cowboys and crafty outlaws bring to life the (mostly) true legend of how the Dells were established. Attendees can take in this exciting performance while savoring a hearty, delicious meal. To manage the demand and ensure a smooth experience for attendees, Legacy Dinner Theater required a top-tier ticketing platform capable of handling it all.


Without a ticketing solution, show organizers lacked a user-friendly method to sell tickets directly from their website. They needed a solution to integrate ticket purchasing without redirecting customers to a third-party site.

Producing a large-scale immersive show like Sneaky Pete’s Wild West Dinner Show requires a strong ticketing platform to handle demand. Given the show’s popularity and the limited seating capacity, efficiently managing attendee flow was crucial to avoid overcrowding and ensure a smooth experience.

The theater also needed custom development to establish table settings for enhancing the dining experience at Sneaky Pete’s Wild West Dinner Show, enabling attendees to choose seats that ensured they remained seated with their group. Given the show’s family-friendly atmosphere and the preference for personalized experiences, it was crucial to provide a seating arrangement that catered to attendees’ comfort and preferences.


According to industry data, implementing embedded ticket purchasing can reduce customer fall-off by 30% and increase ticket sales conversions by 25%.
A streamlined checkout process is crucial, as 26% of people leave websites due to complex checkouts, and 34% abandon carts without a guest checkout option.
By simplifying the purchasing experience, embedded ticketing enhances
retention and boosts repeat customer rates by 20%.
  1. Embedded Events: Embedding the ability to purchase tickets directly from their own site provided numerous benefits. Attendees can now easily navigate the ticket purchasing process within the familiar environment of the show’s website, enhancing user experience. This in-site purchasing reduces potential drop-offs associated with redirection to external sites, thereby increasing conversion rates. Additionally, the embedded system allows for real-time updates and management of ticket availability and time slots, simplifying administrative tasks. By implementing Brushfire’s embedded event ticketing, Legacy Dinner Theater enhanced attendee satisfaction and operational effectiveness.
  2. Calendar View: This visually appealing layout includes all active events from the theater’s dashboard, and by assigning URL Keys, the theater can control which events are displayed together. The theater’s event page features a search bar and a date range selector, allowing attendees to quickly find specific events, with results populating in the new thumbnail layout. This improves user experience, increases engagement, and enhances the visual appeal of the theater’s event listings.
  3. Interactive Seating Layout: Brushfire provided a comprehensive solution tailored to the theater’s needs. Through custom table mapping, the platform allowed for an accurate digital representation of the dining area, ensuring precise placement and configuration of tables and seats. This feature is integrated with interactive seat selection during the ticket purchasing process, enabling attendees to view the seating arrangement online and select their preferred seats. Guests could reserve entire tables or specific seats at shared tables, with real-time updates on seat availability ensuring transparency and flexibility. Additionally, the system facilitated group reservations, enabling families and friends to book multiple seats together, ensuring they were seated with their party, and eliminating the possibility of sharing a table with attendees of a different party.


Since implementing Brushfire’s ticketing solutions in 2022, Legacy Dinner Theater has successfully entertained tens of thousands of attendees. Seamless embedded ticket purchasing significantly improved the user experience, leading to higher conversion rates and reduced drop-offs. Additionally, the theater implemented interactive assigned seating mapping allowing guests to select seats that kept their party together, ensuring a personalized and comfortable dining experience. Overall, these improvements optimized operations and boosted attendee satisfaction, contributing to the show’s ongoing success.