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Exponential Network

Discover how the Exponential Network revolutionized its conference by partnering with Brushfire, achieving seamless hybrid event management and exceptional attendee engagement.

The Exponential Network, spearheaded by Pastor Godman Akinlabi, is a groundbreaking platform that has been supporting pastors and church leaders since 2017. Its annual conference is a source of inspiration, driving significant growth and making a lasting impact on ministries across Nigeria. 

Conference organizers faced significant challenges with their previous event management processes, which were largely manual and cumbersome. Without a platform with the proper infrastructure, tools, and support, conference organizers experienced inefficiencies, errors, and a lack of coordination, impacting both organizers and attendees. The need for an efficient system became evident as organizers struggled to manage registrations, attendee interactions, and conference logistics. This prompted the Exponential Network to search for a comprehensive solution that could streamline its operations and enhance the overall conference experience.


One of the primary roadblocks was the high registration volume from Nigeria, with up to 80% of the physical conference participants coming from this region. This situation required a reliable platform capable of handling significant traffic without performance issues. Such high demand often resulted in slow processing times and frustrating experiences for attendees without a proper system.

Additionally, the Exponential Network needed a platform that could support the complex structure of their events, which included multiple breakout sessions, virtual components, and hybrid registration processes. These features were essential to cater to the diverse needs of their attendees, who participated both in-person and virtually. The ability to manage these varied components efficiently was critical for ensuring a smooth and engaging conference experience.

Without a streamlined check-in app, admitting attendees on the day of the event was also problematic. Additionally, restricting virtual access was an issue, as there was no platform to control the number of screens attendees could use, such as switching between a laptop and another device. These challenges were addressed by Brushfire, which provided the needed flexibility and control.

“If you want an easy life, just come to Brushfire. Anyone looking for a robust platform for registration, check-in, virtual events, managing sales, and on-demand access—it's all there. I would recommend Brushfire to anybody. Brushfire is just complete. The seamless process and everyone’s comments in the chats during the conference highlighted the difference. It was amazing to see such high engagement and user-friendliness.”
Tolu Tella
Exponential Network


Brushfire effectively rose to the challenge by first providing a seamless transition from the Exponential Network’s manual processes to a highly efficient digital platform. This transition significantly improved overall event management, making it easier for organizers to coordinate and execute the conference. Attendees benefited from Brushfire’s online interactive features, such as chat, personal notes, and various Bible versions, which enhanced their engagement and participation. The chat function, in particular, became a standout feature, facilitating dynamic interactions between attendees and hosts, as well as among attendees themselves. With robust moderation tools, these interactions remained smooth and well-managed throughout the event.

The exceptional support from the Brushfire team also played a crucial role in the success of the transition. Their prompt responses and detailed video guides provided the necessary assistance to navigate and utilize the platform effectively. Additionally, Brushfire’s user-friendly interface ensured that attendees could easily navigate and engage with the event, contributing to a positive and enriching experience for all attendees.


The conference experienced remarkable attendance figures across both in-person and virtual formats, even when faced with external challenges like traffic congestion and roadblocks. On the first day, the event saw over 700 attendees, with an impressive retention rate of 500-600 participants returning on the second day. Virtual engagement was equally strong, with over 500 participants on day one and substantial participation in the breakout sessions on day two. This consistent attendance underscores the conference’s success in maintaining high levels of interest and involvement among its diverse audience.

Brushfire significantly enhanced the management and engagement of the conference, demonstrating its powerful features and excellent support. The platform’s ability to handle high attendance, provide seamless user experience, and support interactive features contributed to the conference’s success.