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The DEC Network

The DEC Network Discovers A Singular Solution For Multiple Needs

About the Organization

Founded in 2013, The DEC Network is a non-profit organization committed to driving innovation and economic impact by helping entrepreneurs start, build and grow their businesses. With a primary focus on empowering entrepreneurs through community, advocacy, and mentorship, The DEC Network relies heavily on workshops and networking events to better educate and embolden their entrepreneurs.

Since its inception, The DEC Network has attracted more than 125,000 visitors, hosted over 1,000 educational events, and worked with over 100 partner organizations. Education and resources are at the core of what The DEC Network provides to its community of entrepreneurs. And enabling these leaders to be the best entrepreneurs they can be is largely made possible through The DEC Network’s ability to host informative, insightful events.


Naturally, the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult for The DEC Network to bring people together. The organization was quick to embrace virtual events as a means of educating and empowering their audience through a remote setting, but found it difficult to replicate the success of their in-person events online.

The DEC Network knew that the time would come where it would be safe once again to host in-person or hybrid events. The problem was they didn’t have an event management platform that provided the flexibility and customization they were looking for, no matter what situation they were faced with.

“We needed to move away from a virtual-only event management platform. We needed something that we could customize to our exact liking, no matter what type of event we were hosting.”
Kendall Castillo
Manager of Events & Programming


To read about the all-in-one event solutions that helped The DEC Network thrive, download the full case study.