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XO Marriage

Venue Versatility: Overcoming Spatial Challenges

About the Organization

Reaching the masses is one of the key objectives for XO Marriage. This nonprofit exists to help couples find hope and encouragement for their marriage.

On average, XO Marriage draws around 1,500-2,000 in-person attendees to each conference. Their most popular conference (held on Valentine’s weekend) brings in around 3,000 people on average. In total, the nonprofit averages around 20,000 in-person guests per year with events all over the U.S. They also provide simulcast opportunities that increase that reach even further with virtual attendance.


Taking their show on the road increases their reach with additional local audiences. It also means having to find new venues and adjust their conference to fit a variety of spaces. Unknown layouts, spatial challenges, and different work crews all present a new learning curve for each event.


"The Brushfire team has been really supportive in helping us set up new things that we wanted to try or adjust as we’ve been at different venues."
Marcus Bowen
Events Director

For a guide on how to prepare for new event venues and how Brushfire provided evolving solutions for each space XO used, download the full case study.