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Carey Nieuwhof

Cultivating a Dynamic Online Community with Ease

About the Organization

Carey Nieuwhof started as an attorney and began blogging as a hobby. While honing in on topics of productivity, leadership, and communication in the church, his popularity grew. Over the years, he added a podcast, webinars, academy courses, and books.

Bringing on a team of talented professionals, Carey Nieuwhof has been able to put together bigger and better offerings for his audience. His podcast has 18 million downloads, and his site content is accessed over 1.5 million times a month. His best-selling book is At Your Best: How to Get Time, Energy, and Priorities Working in Your Favor.


Carey Nieuwhof wanted to engage with some of the followers who typically just follow along on social media. To get these followers engaged, the team decided to put together a virtual event in 2020 for free. Of course, registration boomed, and over 17,000 people signed up to attend.

Sam, director of marketing and finance for Carey Nieuwhof Communications, recalls, “With that first event, having 17,000 people register, there was the question, can our site handle 17,000 people simultaneously trying to stream a video? Probably. But there’s a chance it won’t.”

Moving the webinar offsite wasn’t a simple decision. “We don’t like to do live streams for larger events on Facebook or YouTube because there are distractions everywhere,” he noted. They needed a tool that felt like an extension of their site and provided tools to support engagement.

"What we needed was right in Brushfire’s wheelhouse. We needed a reliable platform and wanted the interactive chat."
Sam N.
Marketing & Finance Director


Download the full case study to learn how Brushfire Online provided Carey Nieuwhof Communications with the solutions they needed to ensure a successful virtual event with over 17,000 people.