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Museum of Illusions

Event Entry Solutions That Will Leave Guests Enchanted

About the Organization

Museum of Illusions New York is a visually intriguing, sensory stimulating, and educational experience full of optical illusions and fun to be had with family and friends. Read how partnering with Brushfire has helped Museum of Illusions reimagine the way they do daily ticketing and manage attendees.

Recently we sat down with Museum of Illusions (MOI) New York, an organization we partnered with in 2019. We wanted to find out how Brushfire has been able to help them and the way they do ticketing over the past few years.

"The support team has been really helpful!...Support team members are very communicative, prompt with emails replies, and wonderful overall service."
Justin Butler
Supervisor of Operations


Previous to partnering with Brushfire, MOI’s primary pain point was ticket sharing and being unable to scan and verify tickets at the door. MOI was facing revenue loss from this, as well as being unable to accurately manage their venue capacities, which became of utmost importance in 2020 and thereafter. Before Brushfire, MOI operated on a first-come-first-serve basis, leaving their staff with little data to inform important decisions and unable to know who was in their venue and when. Furthermore, they were already using Square and needed their ticketing solution to easily integrate with that.

When the team at MOI came across Brushfire, they realized a handful of their features could be key solutions for their needs: single use QR codes, time slot management, a seamless Square integration, and unmatched attendee support.


Eliminate Ticket Sharing: Single Use QR Codes
A pain point for Museum of Illusions before Brushfire, was the ability to track whether a ticket was scanned previously. With single use QR codes on every ticket, check-in couldn’t be easier. Museum of Illusions was able to easily download the Brushfire event app for check-in, once signed in scanners are able to identify what ticket QR codes have been checked-in successfully or have been checked in previously. Museum of Illusions has been able to eliminate ticket sharing altogether. Brushfire Learn: How to Use The Brushfire Mobile Check-In App.

Time Slots & Capacity Management
Museum of Illusions hosts thousands of friends, family, and groups every year. Their team is able to control attendee levels, schedule multiple time slots, create capacity caps, and more. They can even run detailed reports. If you bump into any issues setting up along the way, rest assured we have a friendly support team ready to answer any questions you might have.

Seamless Square Integration
Finding a user-friendly payment processing company has never been so simple. The Museum of Illusions was already using Square when our relationship began. Our seamless integration with Square made their decision to join Brushfire that much easier. To learn more about how Square integrates with Brushfire and all of our suites click here.

Unmatched Attendee Support
At Brushfire we take great pride in our attendee support team. We have a team of trained, professional representatives that are ready to assist you. Attendee support is here to answer all of your attendees’ event questions, from how to purchase tickets to general information about your event, like parking or rescheduling tickets. We are here to make your experience run smoothly!