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Dark Hour Haunted House

Large attraction finds dynamic solutions for evolving needs

About the Organization

Dark Hour Haunted House is the largest haunted house in DFW! After first opening in 2013, the professional team behind this movie-quality themed attraction has been delivering intense, heart-pumping thrills and chills to many Texans and patrons from afar! For 2022, Dark Hour Haunted House underwent a massive expansion that included adding more terrifying scenes, creatures, horrors, and nightmares that are sure to thrill all who enter their Coven.


Dark Hour had bounced from solution to solution and couldn’t find a platform that could handle their volume and their evolving, specific needs: accurate reporting when dealing with online sales and walk up sales, a platform intuitive enough for employees to quickly become experts at, and editing the software in real-time to accommodate last minute issues that could pop up.


Capacity Management
Whether online tickets purchased way in advance or tickets purchased at the door, Dark Hour was confident in maintaining capacity, especially for their VIP experiences. With attendee levels always under control, Dark Hour could trust they were always prepared to maximize their potential activities under all conditions, ensuring they would always be able to safely provide the best experience for their guests. With over 23,000 attendees in their first Halloween season with Brushfire alone, Dark Hour was able to make the most out of their venue capacity with different ticket types being sold.

Personalized Training
When it comes to making sure all appropriate personnel is trained on the software and equipment, Brushfire was with the Dark Hour team every step of the way. From personalized training videos to on-site training and support, the Dark Hour team was well prepared before they ever opened their doors for the season.

Editing Abilities
Everyone knows that when managing an event, things can change quickly, for better or worse, and you have to be able to pivot on short notice. With Brushfire, Dark Hour’s Event Organizers were able to make updates and edits to their events on their own, providing solutions at the same pace of unforeseen events that arose. Furthermore, being able to track who made changes and when to an event provides a level of checks and balances to ensure accountability and an accurate record of actions.

Reports and Tracking Data
Not only did Dark Hour experience ease of use when pulling reports on their events, but Brushfire was able to ensure Dark Hour teams had access to the right data to be able to make correct decisions in real-time, while still governing access to that data, as some should be secured for specific team members. With Brushfire, our customers can choose from tons of reports we’ve already created for you, or create a custom report to fit your specific needs.

"This is the best ticketing experience we’ve had in the 7 years I’ve been here!"
Kim Morgan
Operations Director