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Bridging the Gap

Discover The One App Solution For Year-Round Planning

About the Organization

As a part of the Minnesota District Assemblies of God, the Bridging the Gap Ministry works to  enhance the holistic well-being of women—across cultures, generations, and denominations. BTG is a statewide Women’s Ministry for Minnesota. Their mission is to encourage, equip, and empower every woman on her faith journey with Jesus Christ.

BTG typically hosts three larger leadership events and retreats throughout the year that primarily live in their custom event app which includes their podcast. The Sisterhood Leadership Retreat, Single Moms Retreat, and Thrive Conference which combined had roughly 3,100 attendees in 2022. They also host a number of smaller events and a podcast that you can find both in the app and on spotify.


Bridging the Gap Ministry needed to clearly depict and identify the location of their Sisterhood Leadership Retreat, and the Single Moms Retreat. This was difficult for BTG because both events are hosted at a campground that is not clearly marked. BTG also has a large missions component and they needed a way to share information, highlight missions, and share giving opportunities. Lastly, they were looking for a way to have all of their information for all three events in one place. This solution needs to be able to highlight their events vendors and sponsors. With all of that in mind Brushfire stepped in as the solution to BTGs various needs and more.

"A lot of people really liked the event app. I remember speaking to two specific people that said that they really appreciated the ease of the app and knowing where things were and being able to find, you know, a schedule really quickly not having the extra bulk of carrying around a schedule in a magazine and all of that, it was just at their fingertips on their phone."
Angie G.
Events Coordinator


Brushfire partnered with Bridging the Gap as its all around solution for ticketing and registration. The first of many solutions instituted for BTG was the venue map and additional vendor map for each event/experience. Attendees are able to now easily navigate Bridging the Gaps custom event app which houses venue maps, as well as vendor maps. The app also allows attendees to easily switch between experiences.   

There is no need to have numerous apps for all of your events and experiences with your organization’s own custom app. While Brushfire has all of your separate experiences for each event housed in your dashboard and in your calendar for attendees, they are also all in one place for your attendees in the event app. You can store and have attendees not only access but register for your events and experiences all through the app.

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap now has dedicated pages highlighting the current missions and giving opportunities. In addition to these pages your organization can highlight schedules, resources, speakers, merchandise, featured guests, upcoming events and more. It is easy to make live updates to your app and send push notifications to ensure your attendees always have the most up to date information with regard to their event or experiences.

Download the Bridging The Gap app on iOS or Android to see it all in action.