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Change Conference

Bridging the Gap Between Virtual Experiences and In-Person Events

The Change Conference, a ministry of Youth for Christ Canada, is on a mission to transform communities throughout the country. However, the original move to incorporate a virtual option demanded a more comprehensive solution than what their existing platform could provide. Youth for Christ Canada needed the backing and support of a scalable platform equipped to facilitate growing watch parties and expand the reach of the conference. While the initial emphasis was on seeking a streaming solution, they uncovered a wealth of features and benefits within Brushfire.


The Change Conference faced the challenge of transitioning from traditional in-person events to a hybrid model, incorporating online sessions and watch parties with streams across multiple time zones. The need for a robust registration system and efficient streaming solutions became paramount.

“One of the cool things about having an online event is that it’s helped us see where interest is in other cities. So from a growth perspective, Brushfire has been really helpful.”
Jo Park
Operations Manager, YFC Canada National Team


Brushfire Online

To address the challenge of streaming across multiple time zones, the Change Conference separated streams starting at different times. This innovative approach, guided by Brushfire’s support team, showcased the flexibility and adaptability of their streaming solutions.

The online event’s success enabled the Change Conference Team to identify interest in different cities, informing decisions about future live events. Analytics from the event are instrumental in determining expansion plans and strategically targeting new locations.

Data Collection and Analytics

Data collection was crucial for watch parties, allowing the conference to tailor their communication based on attendees’ churches and locations. Ticket types played a vital role in addressing time zone challenges. The collected data empowered targeted follow-up steps, connecting students to churches where desired.

Emailing, Reporting, and Support

Effective email communication is a cornerstone of successful event organization, serving as a vital channel to keep attendees informed and engaged. Timely and informative emails not only provide essential details about the event schedule, logistics, and any updates but also contribute to building a sense of anticipation and connection with attendees. Furthermore, a proficient customer support team is pivotal in streamlining the hybrid event, offering valuable assistance during critical moments. 

The synergy between robust reporting, effective email communications, and a dedicated support team not only enhanced the attendee experience but also significantly optimized conference operations.


The Change Conference Team not only gained a reliable registration and streaming solution but also a partner that understands their needs, streamlining their processes and saving them precious time as they expand their ministry.

As the Change Conference continues to evolve, the seamless integration of registration and streaming solutions, coupled with robust analytics, positions them for sustained growth and impact in connecting youth groups across Canada.

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