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How Ravenscroft partnered with Brushfire for a tailor-made ticketing solution revolutionizing their show season.

Ravenscroft, an outreach of Music Serving the Word Ministries, opened the doors to Ravenscroft Hall in 2021. The striking 30,000-square-foot music venue offers an unparalleled musical experience showcasing world-renowned and Grammy Award-winning artists. Adorned in luxurious comfort with its opulent Ferrari leather upholstered seating, the hall entertained over 5,000 guests last year in style.


Before partnering with Brushfire, Ravenscroft was less than satisfied with the functionality and rigidity of the platform they were using. Ravenscroft Director David Bauer explained they had no mobile capabilities at all and lacked crucial features and customization options. Above all else, Ravenscroft needed a simple, user-friendly way for guests to select the seat of their choice. 

From the beginning, Ravenscroft, like Brushfire, understood the importance of an exceptional patron journey, Bauer stating, “It’s paramount to us because it shouldn’t be complicated to get a ticket or specific seat, or to browse through shows for information.”

One of the biggest obstacles was regarding the venue’s second stage, Jazzbird. A modern lounge themed after an urban New York City jazz club, Jazzbird hosts music from popular and up-and-coming local musicians. The challenge was getting Jazzbird to a place where it could be properly ticketed. Bauer explained that Ravenscroft needed a seating map for Jazzbird, a very complicated layout. 

“Brushfire was just so willing to work with us and our requests, even if we needed something that [Brushfire] had never been approached with before. Your customer service is a thousand times better than the last company that we worked with. Brushfire is always really willing to figure it out or at least attempt to get the solution for us and we just appreciate that a lot.”
David Bauer
Ravenscroft Director


The need was clear. Through collaboration between Brushfire and Ravenscroft, a tailor-made solution was born. Custom mapping, mobile functionality, and low-barrier online bookings with assigned selection functionality resulted in a significant uptick in ticket sales and satisfied guests. Bauer confirms they have consistently sold out their 51 shows since last November.

With sold-out shows becoming the norm, the Ravenscroft team developed a newfound appreciation for versatile mobile access, a feature lacking in years past. 

“I like Brushfire’s ability to access the program anywhere on our phone. I can sell tickets. I can look at sales. I can pull a report on everything on my computer. So the mobile cross-platform capability is super important to us because we’re always on the move.”

Thanks to Brushfire’s strategic implementation of custom mapping and robust mobile features, Ravenscroft not only witnessed a remarkable boost in ticket sales but also gained unparalleled ease in managing their events on the go.