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Fatal Fear

Navigating Unprecedented Growth Within the Haunted Attractions Industry.

In the fiercely competitive landscape of haunted attractions, Fatal Fear Haunted House experienced an unexpected surge in popularity, evolving from selling a modest couple of hundred tickets a weekend to an astonishing 200 tickets per hour. This meteoric rise translated to thousands of thrilled and terrified guests, creating a fervent cult following for the attraction. 

However, the rapid explosion in attendance brought forth a new set of challenges that necessitated a strategic overhaul. Issues such as capacity management, attendee authentication, record collections, and streamlining customer support needs emerged as critical components requiring immediate attention. 

Understanding the pivotal role that a robust ticketing solution plays in this industry, Fatal Fear sought out a reliable partner and found a solution in Brushfire.


As Fatal Fear experienced unprecedented growth, the potential for error became more pronounced. Without a ticketing system, the team struggled to cope with the surge in crowds, resulting in capacity management issues and prolonged waiting times for attendees. Authentication processes were strained, record collections became overwhelming, and customer support found itself inundated with inquiries. Operating from a suburban neighborhood with limited space, Fatal Fear also grappled with complying with various HOA and city safety requirements. It became evident that a comprehensive solution was needed to address these multifaceted challenges.

“The platform is evolving and built off customer needs and expectations and it shows because it is beautifully crafted. The support of the system I can’t say enough about, the team involved is phenomenal. Every time I had an issue, it was resolved quickly, which makes me look again at value – you guys heard me, valued my company, understood the problem, and did everything to resolve it ASAP.”
Brian Robinson
CEO, Fatal Fear


Confronted with these challenges, Fatal Fear engaged Brushfire to revolutionize its ticketing and event management processes. The implementation of Brushfire’s sophisticated platform resulted in significant improvements across multiple fronts. The new ticketing system streamlined the purchasing process, enabling Fatal Fear to efficiently manage capacity, reducing wait times, and enhancing the overall attendee experience. Brushfire’s robust authentication mechanisms addressed concerns related to ticket fraud and unauthorized access, ensuring a secure and enjoyable environment for guests.

Brushfire’s comprehensive record collection and reporting features empowered Fatal Fear to gain valuable insights into attendee demographics and preferences. This data-driven approach allowed for more targeted marketing strategies and the creation of tailored experiences that resonated with the audience. In response to the spatial constraints in the suburban neighborhood, Fatal Fear successfully garnered the support of the city to secure a new location option. This not only addressed capacity concerns but also provided an opportunity for the attraction to expand and reach new heights.

Strategic Transformation

In the face of unprecedented growth and evolving challenges, Fatal Fear made a strategic decision by choosing Brushfire as its ticketing partner. The results were transformative, enabling the attraction to grow rapidly and safely. Brushfire’s innovative solutions not only resolved immediate concerns related to ticketing, capacity management, and authentication but also empowered Fatal Fear to gather and leverage data for strategic decision-making. With the support of the city and a new location option, Fatal Fear is now poised for continued success and expansion, delighting even more thrill-seekers in the years to come.

The partnership with Brushfire has proven instrumental in elevating Fatal Fear’s standing in the competitive realm of haunted attractions.