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Connective Strategies for In-Person and Virtual Conferences

About the Organization

FILO (First In Last Out) is focused on helping technical artists at churches hone their skills and build a community with other skilled contributors. Their annual conference each May is centered around supporting and uplifting technical artists who help their congregations with things like video, lighting, audio, sound, and more.


There are an extensive number of partners supporting the FILO Conference, including big names like Sony, Canon, B&H Photo, Sweetwater, Resi Media, and more. FILO wanted to make sure their event guests could connect with their event partners as a valuable resource.


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FILO customized the Event App to highlight each partner with a logo, bio, and contact information so attendees could learn more. They also included in-app links to each partner’s social profiles and website so attendees could easily connect directly with the partners of their choice. Furthermore, because the FILO Conference is hybrid, the app also serves as a convenient gateway between the in-person trade show and the virtual trade show hosted online. The app offered a convenient way to track more than 60 breakout classes for hundreds of registered guests.
FILO Event App