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A small team leverages Brushfire’s scalable solutions to launch a big festival.

Alive Music Festival is a three-day immersive experience, unlike anything else. Set against the backdrop of a sprawling 1,500-acre lake, this unforgettable event features over 40 acts on multiple stages, delivering a symphony of diverse Christian artists. 

But the festival isn’t just about the music. It’s a haven for camping enthusiasts, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Alive offers the perfect blend of entertainment, natural beauty, and communal celebration. 

What might surprise you is that all of this was created and executed by a humble family team consisting of only a handful of people. And yet, last year alone, Alive Music Festival hosted over 1,000 cars, 4,000 campers, and 20 vendors, exceeding 12,000 daily attendees across a 3-day event. How did a team of few pull off this incredible feat? Enter Brushfire’s tools and support.


Navigating the intricacies of managing a festival, whether with a sizable staff or a more modest team, presents its own set of challenges. From coordinating diverse logistical elements to ensuring seamless communication and troubleshooting issues on a scale that demands extensive manpower, adequate support is paramount in cultivating a positive guest experience. 

And in this case, the State’s Health Department’s stringent requirements added an extra layer of complexity to an already demanding task. Alive needed an efficient way to meticulously mark campsites, track occupants, and manage capacities, all while providing guests with an easy way to select and purchase the site of their choice.

“The fact that you scale with us, combined with the level of support you provide, as an event creator and promotor, I don’t know why anyone would use another company, especially in the faith space.”
Tyler Graening
Alive's CEO


Scalability and Ease of Use 

Alive Music Festival recently introduced 540 new campsites, and the process was remarkably smooth. With the platform’s tools and ease of use, site numbers were able to be marked and mapped, providing a comprehensive overview of the entire camping area. This simplified the task of identifying sites and enabled Alive to track occupants with precision, authenticating attendees and avoiding capacity issues. The real-time data provided by Brushfire has allowed them to manage reservations effectively, ensuring each camping site adheres to the state’s requirements and regulations. 

Cost-Effective Superior Support 

The task of proficiently managing attendees, processing orders, and navigating the intricate logistics inherent in orchestrating such a substantial event also posed a formidable challenge. By enlisting the help of Attendee Support, Alive allowed Brushfire to take on the heavy lifting without breaking the bank. 

What sets Brushfire apart, according to Alive’s CEO Tyler Graening, is not only the quality of service but the cost-effectiveness. The decision to allocate resources to Attendee Support not only benefits the festival-goers by providing top-notch customer service but also results in tangible savings. 

Tyler emphasizes that these savings aren’t marginal, allowing him to eliminate various extra fees and costs that would otherwise burden attendees: “If you care about your customers, with Brushfire, you can give them a very good checkout process with no crazy fees. We save our guests hundreds of dollars every time they come to Alive, just by switching to Brushfire.” 

The decision to enlist Brushfire proved to be more than an investment in customer service, but an investment in the overall success of the event. The nominal additional cost of just one dollar per attendee is a judicious expenditure, providing stellar customer service to guests and much-needed relief to the Alive team. 

Alive Music Festival’s success stands as a testament to the extraordinary achievements possible when passion, dedication, and innovative solutions converge. Beyond the harmonious melodies that echo across the beautiful landscape, the festival exemplifies the power of possibility when armed with Brushfire’s tools and support services.

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