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Why Customer Support is Crucial for Modern Event Planning

Key strategies for delivering exceptional support, leveraging modern tools, and harnessing the power of event planning software.

Are you looking for ways to stand out from the crowd with memorable events? Successful event planning goes beyond managing logistics; you need to offer amazing event support for your attendees. Many guests need help and support along the way. From the event planning software you use to how you train your team, there are many things that impact the kind of support you offer attendees.

Attendees are more likely to be happy and engaged when your event support is top-notch. And you are more likely to provide helpful and responsive services when you get great customer support yourself from the vendors you work with.

In this blog, we will cover several key strategies to help you deliver impressive guest support at your events. Keep reading to learn how to improve the attendee experience and build a positive brand image for your organization.

Why Is Attendee Support Important at Events?

No matter what kind of events you host, people expect to be treated well and form an opinion of your organization based on the sum of their experiences.

Fundraisers, volunteer appreciation dinners, church ministry events, staff trainings, corporate meetings, product launches, conferences, performances—regardless of whether you are targeting an internal or external audience, your attendees will have questions and need your help. If event support is lacking or nonexistent, many guests will leave with a negative impression of your organization.

On the other hand, great attendee support can make it easier for guests to relax and enjoy the event. Loyalty to an organization is commonly swayed by the customer service experience—better support creates a better sentiment toward your organization.

What Kind of Event Support Do Guests Expect at Your Events?

From selecting the right ticket package to finding parking on the day of the event, your guests will likely have many questions. Attendee support can come in many forms:

  • Email reminders can help guests know what to expect and remind them about any important instructions regarding things like how to check in, what kind of childcare is provided, what guests should bring, what attire is appropriate, and more. Use reminders to help guests feel prepared and reduce the number of questions they have leading up to the event.
  • Call center support answers guest questions leading up to the event regarding things like registration, ticket deals, event timeframes, event details, and more. Guests often have questions about things like wheelchair accessibility, catering menus, or group discounts. If your team can’t keep up with an influx in call volume, Brushfire can help; ask about our personalized phone numbers and friendly call center support for your next event!
  • Social media is one channel where you may have guests reach out with questions. Offering quick answers can show how responsive and dedicated your team is. If you don’t know the answer to a question, respond quickly to let them know you don’t have answers yet and when they can expect those details to be ironed out. You can create template responses for your team to send to save some time in answering the most commonly asked questions.
  • Event signage is a great way to keep guests flowing in the right direction at events. Signs placed at the right locations will help guests know to pull out their QR codes before reaching the check-in point and guide them to the right places throughout the event. Signs can also help answer questions about allergens in the refreshments, show QR codes to advertise future events, or provide information about the speakers.
  • Event App is a modern event planner tool organizations can use to offer a more engaging experience for their attendees. Brushfire can help you create an app that is perfectly tailored to provide helpful event information, send push notification announcements, link out to other resources, showcase event maps, and more. Guests can use your app to see their account details and access their QR codes for easy check in.

What are the Most Important Aspects of Attendee Support?

It might surprise you to learn that amazing support doesn’t boil down to how much information you have. And customer service really isn’t even about having the “right” answers—or the answers your guests want to hear. There are four primary aspects to offering great customer service for your guests.

Empathy helps your guests know that their problems and experiences matter to you. Empathetic support representatives can connect with your guests on a human level, providing solutions that meet their needs and concerns. It’s easier to understand the root of a customer’s problem when you can imagine yourself in their situation or stop to consider it from their point of view. Providing thoughtful responses and personalized solutions make guests feel heard and valued.

Effective communication is a key part of reducing confusion and making your guests feel valued. Support reps should clearly and accurately convey information to your registrants. Your team must effectively manage attendee expectations and provide realistic solutions. Good communication skills can help build trust and foster positive relationships between support representatives and event guests.

Responsiveness. Attendees expect quick answers and efficient solutions. A supportive team will respond to guest inquiries in a timely manner, whether it’s through email, phone, chat, or any other communication channel. Prompt responses can prevent or reduce frustration by helping your guests feel heard.

Continuous improvement is the fourth important aspect of customer support. Continuously strive to improve your team’s skills and knowledge. Streamline the support process itself by looking for ways to reduce hurdles and improve efficiency. They should be willing to learn from customer feedback and use it to make improvements that enhance the overall customer experience. By continuously improving, support teams can stay ahead of customer needs and provide the highest level of support possible.

8 Ways Event Planners Can Provide Better Support for Attendees

Event planners play a critical role in the success of any event. In addition to managing logistics, they must also provide excellent customer support to attendees. Happy attendees are more likely to return to future events, recommend the event to others, and leave positive feedback. Here are eight ways event planners can provide better customer support to attendees:

Anticipate Attendee Needs

Be proactive in your approach to support and problem-solving. Research your audience, the event type, and the venue to identify potential issues and prepare solutions in advance. For example, if the event is outdoors, you may want to prepare for inclement weather. And if you are planning a menu, you should plan for a spread that accommodates picky eaters and dietary restrictions.

Be Accessible and Responsive

Make sure attendees are provided with a clear and easy way to contact you if they have questions or concerns. This could be a dedicated email address, a phone number, or a live chat feature on the event website. Make sure you only give out channels you are actively monitoring. Respond promptly and professionally to all inquiries.

Communicate Clearly and Proactively

Provide clear and detailed information about the event, including the schedule, location, parking, and other relevant details. Answering questions before they are even asked makes it easier for your guests to make informed decisions and feel at ease in knowing what to expect. Consider creating a detailed FAQ section on your registration page to address common questions. You can also send out email reminders that include this information and provide an FAQ section in your Event App.

Provide Dedicated Support

Establish a team dedicated to support and problem-solving for your attendees. For example, prior to the event, set up a call center team to answer calls regarding the event. During the event, have a dedicated on-site support team. Make sure attendees know where to go if they need help during the event.

Be Positive and Friendly

Your event staff and volunteers set the tone for the event. A friendly and helpful demeanor can go a long way in making attendees feel welcomed and appreciated. Work with your teams to make sure they feel confident in their roles and understand the hierarchy of the team. Make sure your team feels appreciated, supported, and equipped so they can serve guests to the best of their abilities.

Plan for the Worst

You know the saying, “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.” Realistically, certain things are likely to go wrong, and you need a backup plan in case something unexpected occurs. What do you do if a vendor backs out at the last minute or your event swag doesn’t arrive on time? Your plans should consider every likely emergency situation, such as inclement weather or a speaker cancellation. Keep attendees informed if things (like the event location) are subject to change so they know to watch for updates.

Follow Up After the Event

Follow up with attendees after the event to gather feedback and address any lingering issues. Use this information to improve future events and provide even better customer support. Make it easy for guests to voice complaints, frustrations, or concerns so they feel heard and you can gather important feedback.

Take Advantage of Modern Tools

Utilize technology to make the event experience smoother for attendees. The right event planning tools can help your team be more efficient and empowered as well. Use a smart event registration platform, like Brushfire, to increase registration, manage ticket sales, track attendee metrics, communicate with guests, gather crucial feedback, and more. Better event planning software makes it easier for your guests to register and stay connected with your team.

Could You Benefit From More Supportive Event Planning Software?

Great customer support is hard to find in a world of automated responses and outsourced teams. Just like your guests, your team values the kind of customer support that listens to their concerns and helps them find efficient solutions quickly. 

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