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Discover how Brushfire maintains industry leadership by focussing on customer feedback to develop new innovative state-of-the-art features, product updates, and enhancements.

In the fast-paced world of event management, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to success. At Brushfire, the customer is at the heart of every decision. Through active engagement with users, the platform constantly evolves to meet the changing needs of event organizers. We believe that one of the key drivers of success is produced through unwavering commitment to our users, which has led to the development of several transformative features and updates. Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to:

Feature/Product Updates

Event Archival: You now have the power to delete, archive, or restore your events to keep your dashboard clean, improve product performance, and keep your site running as efficiently as possible. Learn more about how to perform each action in this Help Article. 

Improved Payment Plan Tracking:  Responding to customer demands for more flexible payment options, Brushfire enhanced our payment plan functionality. Event organizers can now tailor payment plans to better suit their attendees’ needs, as well as track the status of payments for each attendee by the new color indicators in the Admin and Attendee experiences: outstanding plans are now shown in red with the remaining amount and due date displayed, while those Paid in Full clearly display in green. 

Improved E-Signature Management: To streamline event management and save time, Brushfire has improved its E-Signature Management, making it easier for organizers to manage necessary signatures and waivers electronically by making the visibility of those completed and outstanding more noticeable.

Improved Virtual Queuing: High-demand events are a terrific challenge for any event organizer. Virtual queuing allows all events across Brushfire to continue to run smoothly and maintain the level of efficiency our customers have come to know, regardless of the number of users across the platform. With high-traffic events, attendees will join a virtual queue and receive updates on their place in line via visual and audio alerts for when it’s their turn to access the event, reducing their frustration and increasing transparency.

Custom Receipt Identifiers: Adding a personal touch to transactions, Brushfire has introduced Custom Receipt Identifiers. Event organizers can now include unique identifiers to enhance not only brand recognition but also vital finance/department information as needed or required.

Improved Field-Specific Customization: Recognizing the diverse needs of event organizers, Brushfire has enhanced field-specific capabilities. Organizers can tailor the platform to ensure more accurate input from attendees and manage other specific event requirements with greater flexibility.

Improved Integration with Square: Understanding the importance of seamless integration, we’re excited to announce an improved connection with Square, Brushfire’s preferred partner for payment processing. Recently, we have made changes to our underlying connection to Square so that you can maximize the attendee experience for all your events going forward. While most of it is unseen, you will notice a new and improved layout when managing payment gateways on your dashboard, as well as adding locations to your Square account without having to leave the Brushfire platform.

New Remote Field Validation: We have streamlined the ease of use for Remote Validate Fields! Remote Validate fields provide the ability to use custom inline field validation against a remote data source. For example, if you need to validate a membership number or account number, you can more easily now with the use of our improved process. Contact a team member if we can help you with this!

General Admission Cart Timers: We’ve employed the same cart timer functionality that you’ll find within Assigned Seated events, only now for General Admission as well! For events that are very low-capacity overall or per ticket type and have a proportionally higher-than-average demand, we now allow the option to hold the spot until registration forms and check-out steps are complete. 

On-Site Experience Improvements: We are happy to provide an enhanced on-site process with a new check-in option: now you can choose to check in the attendee AND display all attendee info, with easy access to return to scanning. Furthermore, we have added an automatic printing option for name badges at Check-In as well!

Group Email and Notification Improvements:  Recognizing the importance of seamless group functionality, we’ve improved the group ticket type options by clearly displaying Group Names in Confirmation Emails and providing notification options to the Event Organizer when Groups are created or updated. 

Improved Assigned Seat Ticketing Tools:  From improved color display, scroll indicators, and clarity around special-need seating, Brushfire has refined its ticketing tools to provide a more user-friendly buyer experience, as well as provide organizers with more control and precision in managing seat assignments.

New Options for Restricting Attendee Financial Changes: With new options for restricting attendee financial changes, organizers can maintain better oversight of financial transactions. This update gives you, our customers, the ability to still allow basic information changes and updates from your attendees as usual, but also prevent them from making financial changes, especially ticket changes that result in refunds.

Attendee Type-Specific Confirmation Emails: Adding a personal touch to communication, event organizers can now send attendee-type-specific confirmation emails, enhancing the overall attendee experience and ensuring each purchaser efficiently receives relevant event details based on the ticket they purchased. 

Flex Pass: Recognizing the demand for versatile ticketing options, Brushfire has introduced the Flex Pass, providing attendees with a customizable and flexible ticketing solution. Now more than ever, people want options; they want flexibility! Instead of buying individual tickets for each game day, each performance, or each event, offer your attendees the option of a Flex Pass! Attendees can make a one-time purchase that offers a pass good for whatever event(s) you would like to attach to it. 

Event App Improvements, Updates, and Changes

Authentication: We now have a way to capture data from those using your app. If the event is using Brushfire for registration, the Authentication feature will ask the attendee if they would like to connect their Brushfire tickets to the app. When selected, their tickets will be added to the ticket wallet. With the authentication and profile feature enabled, we can now send targeted push notifications to specific ticket types, and attendee field responses.

Chat: The chat feature allows you to create event chat channels for your attendees to send public messages and connect during your event. Features include:

  • Channels for specified chat streams
  • Private channels that are limited to specific ticket types or attendee field options
  • Moderation tools on the Verris web platform allow admins to view all of the chat channels, delete chats in real time, and chat directly within each channel.

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