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Product Updates September 2023

Flex Pass, AST Improvements, New Check-In Mode! Here are your Product Updates for September 2023.

Brushfire Product Updates

We are so excited about this month’s Product Updates. From AST maps, to the new Flex Pass, to Check-In sessions, most of our updates this month are because of you, our customers, and the valuable feedback and feature requests you provide. 

Flex Pass

Last month we introduced Flex Pass! Now, your attendees can make a one-time purchase that offers a pass good for whatever event(s) you want to attach to it. 

With the flex pass, you can customize as many uses from as many events from your account as you’d like. For example, suppose you are holding or promoting a variety of events not related to each other, but all within your organization’s dashboard. In that case, you can include them on a Flex Pass to still be able to offer your attendees specialty pricing for attending multiple events. 

To read the product announcement, check this out! To begin setting up your Flex Pass, visit the Help Article here

Assigned Seating Improvements

Between the Admin View and the Customer View, we made a few improvements to make the user experiences more efficient and clear. 

In the Admin View, first, we updated the colors on the seat map. While all of our colors got an update, the biggest one you will notice is that any seat that is Available to be sold will display as white, regardless of the background Map Color. Furthermore, we made improvements to the Reseved Seat states, as well as the Seat Notes. You will notice more consistency in how those features display when utilized, no matter where you make the edit from.

In the Attendee Experience (Customer View), we have maximized the view of the seating map and your attendees will now be prompted with a scroll/swipe indicator the first time they visit your event if your map doesn’t fit in its entirety on the screen. We also have provided clarity around Special Needs availability and how it is displayed. 

Check-in + Information Mode

In this new teal mode, the attendee can now be checked in AND the screen will automatically slide over to show attendee info, with a Return to Check-In button that stays sticky on the bottom, despite how many attendee fields there are to scroll through.

We also updated how we show who is checked in/out in group orders as well. When scanning group or order QR codes, you’ll be given the option to check in all attendees at once or to tap on the attendees you wish to check in at that time. The next time you scan that QR code when other attendees with that order arrive, the screen will prioritize those not checked in at the top of the list, over the ones who are already checked in.

For a breakdown of all our app modes, learn more about them in this Help Article.

Referral Program

There’s nothing more trusted than a recommendation from a friend, and our customers are talking! In response to all who have faithfully supported and spread the word about our platform and services through the years, we’re excited to announce the newly launched Brushfire Customer Referral Program. 

As a way to say, “thank you,” for spreading the word, we are rewarding our loyal customers with a cash reward. Do you know someone who might enjoy Brushfire? Simply share your referral link with a friend. Once they’ve booked and completed a product demo with a member of our sales team, you will receive $100 cash via a prepaid gift card. For more information and to sign up, visit here!