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Product Updates for June 2024

New Tickets are Here!

New Tickets and Passes are here! Also, new Group Management functionality and BFO access updates round out our updates for this month! Let’s dive into what it all means!

New Ticket Layouts and Customizable Wallet Passes

Customers can now design their tickets and decide what data they want displayed. With our new Ticket Layouts tab, you can customize your ticket image, ticket colors, up to three custom attendee fields, and/or special instructions to display. See how they all will appear on your ticket in real time with the sample ticket view. Finally, below the sample ticket, you can toggle between how it will display as a web ticket, an Apple wallet pass, or a Google wallet pass. 

Find out how it all works and how you can set it up for your event

Group Management for Bulk Payments

Group Management functionality in the Admin Experience matches more closely to the Attendee Experience, with a few visual updates that make things easier as well. In the Attendee Experience, you’ll mainly notice that when managing attendees in their group, Group Leaders can see a new line item at the bottom of the page that displays the amount paid, the amount remaining, and the total for ALL attendees in the group!

In the Admin Experience, the new Groups Manage page in your event got a makeover, now offering a direct link to the list of group members by clicking the hyperlinked number of members in each group. Further, we have added a ticket icon on the same page to quickly pull up the Group Order ticket and QR Code, with the ability to scroll or swipe through to each groups member’s ticket as well. Finally, you can now make bulk payments in the Admin Experience as it shares most functionality with the Attendee Experience. 

Learn more about it all here!

BFO: Content Access Relative to Order Date

Brushfire Online now has the ability to set an expiration date for access to BFO Channels relative to the attendee’s order/purchase date instead of only from the event date. 

To see how it works, review it more here!

Customer Survey

Do you have an idea that could be the next best Brushfire feature? We always want to innovate in a way that makes sense to our customers, so we would love your valuable feedback on what you want to see from us next.