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Product Update: Square Improvements

Check out Square’s new look and payment options coming soon!

At Brushfire, we continually evaluate payment gateways and integrations to make sure that we’re providing the best options for our customers. After our latest audit, we decided to make some big changes in 2023 that would set us up to be able to innovate and adapt as efficiently as possible.

Why all of the changes?

We can provide the best experience for our customers and their attendees when a payment gateway provides:

  • Access to intelligent fraud controls
  • Increased capabilities to accept digital wallet payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.)
  • Future option to use a Buy Now Pay Later service for event registrations
  • Contactless payment hardware for ticketing and registration purchases
  • Reduced processing rates for in-person transactions

We are already working towards so many of these and can’t wait to share them with you!

Brushfire + Square

Currently, the majority of Brushfire customers are using Square, Brushfire’s preferred partner for payment processing. Recently, we have made changes to our underlying connection to Square so that you can maximize the attendee experience for all your events going forward. While most of it is unseen, you will notice a new and improved layout when managing payment gateways on your dashboard. We have also made Adding Locations to your Square account possible without ever leaving the Brushfire dashboard. Not convinced? Learn why setting up easy event payments with Square is our recommendation.

Coming Soon! New Payment Methods

With all of these updates to the backend, we will soon give you the ability to offer more payment method options within Square, including Cards, Digital Wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay), Bank Transfer, Afterpay, Cash App, and Square-issued Gift Cards. More options allow you to accept more money from multiple devices for your events, making the purchase experience for your attendees even better.

Farewell to Other Payment Gateways

To ensure we can provide all that we discussed previously, we wanted to remind you that we will end support for Authorize.net by January 2024. If you are currently using Authorize.net, please make plans accordingly. Along with Square, Brushfire will continue to support Stripe as well.