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Tailor-made for Christmas

Brushfire Product Updates

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

You might be saying to yourself. “Come on Brushfire! It’s October and you just can’t skip Thanksgiving.” We know, but most of our Christmas clients have their tickets on sale and we didn’t want you to miss out!

We pride ourselves on how tailor-made our platform is for Christmas time. Whether it’s a candlelight service, formal banquet, or a full-on production with a live nativity and well-trained camel. We have the right features to get the job done. Here are some of our features that will make this season a breeze!

Assigned Seat Ticketing

There’s nothing better than a night out at the theatre, so why not make your event feel like one? Christmas time is known for the hustle and bustle. Let your event break the mold by letting your attendees skip the mad dash and pick their seats.

Call Center

Let our team take your calls and assist your attendees so you don’t have to. Our call center service includes a toll-free phone number dedicated to your organization and a team of highly qualified call center reps who can’t wait to provide your event with world-class customer service.

Mobile App

Our iOS and Android app is the perfect companion to any event. Check-in attendees, manage individual seats, and overall capacity in the palm of your hand. Speed up

Branding & Customization

Unlike most solutions, we actually care about how your event looks and feels. From your landing page to tickets and emails; make your design cohesive throughout. Every event can be branded from start to finish. From a custom event page, targeted emails, and e-tickets.

Email Marketing

Brushfire’s integrated email marketing software makes communicating with event attendees easier than ever. Send information and make announcements at the touch of a button.

Looking for more features? These are just the beginning.

When you’re getting ready for your Christmas and Holiday events, keep Brushfire in mind. We’re always either a phone call or an email away.

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