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Product Updates for September 2022

Brushfire Product Updates

Here at Brushfire, your feedback is our gain, and this month’s newly released features and product updates have been designed with you in mind. From attendee to event organizer, your requests have been heard! Here are your Product Updates for September 2022.

Signature Integrations

Brushfire now supports not one but two signature integrations: DocuSign and HelloSign. Equipped with fresh features such as the ability to reset a signature and the option to manually send the signing URL, capturing the signature you need is now a streamlined process. You’ll notice an update to the signature email blast as well. Now, each email will contain the attendee’s information, eliminating any confusion for the signer.

Group Updates

Don’t be fooled by its shiny improved look. The newly redesigned Attendee Experience (launched in March 2022) may be sleeker than ever, but behind its impressive glow-up is a robust system designed to simplify the purchasing process. And while forward progress is impossible without some necessary changes, why recreate the wheel? As was the case with group registration within the new Attendee Experience. Therefore, the original process of group registration has been restored. Like before, attendees will not be required to first decide if they are registering as an individual or a group unless your event explicitly has the requirements enabled.

Post Purchase Updates

Additional post-purchase attendee action updates have been created within the newly designed Attendee Experience. After check-out has been completed, the purchaser will receive an email containing their event ticket or registration confirmation, complete with a QR code and button to view their ticket and easy access to manage their attendees. While the confirmation email certainly isn’t new, it has been improved with new features according to your feedback. Now, attached to every order is a receipt detailing all purchase details, easily attainable for attendees directly from the confirmation email.

Pro-tip: Attendees can easily add an event reminder to their calendar by simply clicking the date / time of the event within their confirmation email!

We’re proud to bring you these product updates and more each month and couldn’t do it without your help. Have an idea or feedback for us to consider? Get in touch with us.

Here’s to your next event!