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Product Updates for November 2022

Brushfire Product Updates

As always, we’ve heard your invaluable feedback and in response, Brushfire is rolling out some exciting updates that will benefit both event organizers and attendees. Here are your Product Updates for November 2022.

Admin vs. Attendee Experience

First, we’ve designed a clear distinction between the Admin View and the Attendee View. Some attendee-facing features remained within the Admin experience as of the March update, causing concerns regarding what admins see versus what attendees see. These latest changes have been employed by design in order to combat customer confusion or user issues between views.

Check-in Session Updates

As you already know, Brushfire’s check-in functionality supports numerous sessions within a solitary event. These individual sessions provide attendees a way to check-in multiple times across sessions. This way, the admin can see who attended which days of the event and even who attended which individual breakout sessions.

But we didn’t stop there. You can now rearrange, enable or disable, and import check-in sessions. We’ve also added new filtering capabilities in the Brushfire mobile app.

Read more about the updated check-in session functionality.

We’re here as a resource, so as always, please reach out to our support team for help with your next event.