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New Release: Brushfire Mobile App

New Release: Brushfire mobile app

We just released an updated version of the Brushfire Mobile App! 

Believe us when we say, you’re going to want this one! We’ve made the app better, faster, and more reliable than ever before. How much better you ask? If you’re an Android user, you have to completely re-download the app! 🤯

Brushfire mobile app features

✔️ Quickly check-in and register attendees from any device.
📷 Easily scan tickets and registrations.
🔎 Simply find tickets and attendees.
🔥 So much more!

Brushfire iPad features

⏱ Save time with attendee self-service mode.
⚡️ Instantly check-in and register more attendees. 
🖨 Print tickets and name badges in seconds.
🎉 Let your attendees use Brushfire for a seamless experience. 

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Need more information on this release? Please read our help article.