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Product Updates for January 2023

Brushfire Product Updates

We’re excited to announce additional attendee anonymization tools and the new virtual queue. Here are your product updates for January 2023!

More Data Privacy Control

We know the privacy of your attendees is paramount and whether it is responding to specific requests, complying with local privacy laws, or just your internal process to ensure PII is properly anonymized, Brushfire is happy to announce entire event anonymization alongside our existing data privacy tools for specific attendees/accounts.

To get started, visit the Data Privacy section of your dashboard. Follow the prompts to anonymize attendees, orders, groups, and attendee accounts by email address or entire events. Have questions about data privacy and your events? Contact our support team.

Coming Soon: Virtual Queue

High-demand and high-traffic events are a terrific challenge for any event platform and Brushfire is no different. That’s why we’re happy to announce our new virtual queue feature. This innovative tool helps you and your attendees by reducing frustration, increasing transparency, and improving the overall experience for your event. With high-demand or high-traffic events, attendees will join a virtual queue and receive updates on their place in line via visual and audio alerts for when it’s their turn to access the event.

All events are automatically protected. You don’t have to do anything to enjoy the benefits of the virtual queue when it launches. This is one of the ways Brushfire is powering a better attendee experience for your events.

Here’s to your next event!