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Product Updates for February 2024

Taking payments just got a whole lot easier!

We made some big changes in 2023 that set us up to be able to innovate and adapt as efficiently as possible with our Payment Gateways, and this month, we are thrilled to share what we’re able to do. With Square, we’re offering new payment methods for you to provide your customers. And with Stripe, we’re offering some new hardware options. Let’s dive in!

Square: New Payment Methods

We are making the purchase process for your attendees even better with Square! In addition to the payment methods already provided, Gift cards, Afterpay, CashApp, and Bank transfers are now all available in Brushfire! To learn details about each method and how they work with Square, dive into this Help Article to see what will work best for you and your attendees!

Stripe: Stripe Readers

Wirelessly connect your Stripe Reader for contactless and chip payments! The Stripe Reader M2 provides just another way to efficiently take payments on-site at your events. To learn how to set up your device for on-site sales with Brushfire, follow the steps here!

Customer Survey

Do you have an idea that could be the next best Brushfire feature? We always want to innovate in a way that makes sense to our customers, so we would love your valuable feedback on what you want to see from us next.