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Welcome To Event Creator

Welcome to Event Creator

This is the Event Creator—a new way to create your event in Brushfire.

To all the event organizers, assistants, volunteers, directors, Pastors, and everyone else that does events. This is for you! You spent countless hours setting up online events and providing a connection point for your attendees and congregations. We wanted to help!

We’re always working to innovate so you can spend less time managing and more time eventing. So we made the Event Creator. The creator has simplified all the steps to get an event live on Brushfire, but don’t worry our classic version isn’t going anywhere (for now 😉). Easily walk through the five main sections and see a preview of your event the whole time. The Brushfire team loves the creator so much, we’ve set up 827 events of our own! 😂

View a more detailed walkthrough of the Event Creator on our help articles.

Want to give it a try? Set-up an event!

Happy eventing and have fun!