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Product Updates for December 2022

Brushfire Product Updates

This month, Brushfire is pleased to announce updates to the Brushfire Ticketing & Registration Platform and the Brushfire Virtual Events Platform.

Attendee Type Min and Max

Attendee types can now be created with a minimum and/or maximum quantity selection without needing to enable or require the groups feature. Although the same group capability still exists, we’ve provided a flexible alternative to those wanting to utilize capacity and order quantity management without requiring that a group be created. 

But don’t worry, the group function will still work just as it always has!

Virtual Event Engagement 

Within the Brushfire Virtual Events Platform, you’ll notice 5 new functional features, designed with ease of navigation and attendee-host connectivity in mind. 

Private Chat Notifications
Now, when a host initiates a chat with a viewer, the notification will always be presented. Hosts cannot be blocked, but viewers may close them without responding. 

Host Profile Photos
Along with direct messaging, hosts can also customize their appearance and presence with the ability to display a custom profile picture, reflected within the chat messages. 

Sidebar Links
Sidebar links are now available on the side panel or mobile panel. This way, links are accessed within a non-intrusive view from the side panel, eliminating video visibility interference, ensuring viewers remain engaged in the content, while still having an opportunity to actively participate in the conversation. 

Sidebar Interaction Responses
After responding to an interaction, the sidebar panel can open to display the interaction’s custom content.

Content Sharing
Understanding the high-value return of communal engagement between attendees and hosts is paramount in providing an unforgettable user experience. On that note, we’ve improved the virtual connectivity features for better content sharing across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Now, staying connected with your viewers has never been easier. 

In Case You Missed It

2022 was a year for the record books! Brushfire released updates to the attendee and admin experiences, more ways to take payments in person, improved engagement for your virtual events, and much more. All this to keep your events moving forward! Read the 2022 Product Update Recap.