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Product Updates for April 2023

Brushfire Product Updates

Here are your product updates for April 2023!

Event Archiving and Restoration

You now have the power to delete, archive, or restore your events. Learn how to perform each action, the parameters around each, and even what role Brushfire plays in the automation of these actions in this Help Article. This feature helps keep your dashboard clean, while improving product performance so that your site runs as efficiently as possible. 

Signature Status Updates

For events requiring a signature, the attendee experience view has been updated to display status tags to indicate one of three states it could be in:

  1. The red tag Missing Signature means that there is a signature field on their form, but they’ve not completed the signature process. They may have filled it out, but haven’t signed it. Or maybe it was a document that needs 2 signatures and one person signed it but the other hasn’t. Basically, the definition is that “the envelope” is not completed. The envelope is completed and “sealed” once all signatures are completed.
  2. The green tag Signed means they’ve done exactly that. If it’s one signature field with one signer, or 10 signature fields with 8 signers each, all have been gathered and it is 100% done.
  3. And the ones with nothing on them mean that it is an attendee type that did NOT have a signature field anywhere on the form, so they have no signature status whatsoever.

Payment Plan Improvements

We are also excited to announce some updates around how we display Payment Plan statuses. In the attendee experience when the total has not been Paid In Full, payment for a Ticket/Registration Type that is set up for a payment plan displays in red as: Total Paid out of the Total Cost, with the Remainder that’s owed below it with a Due Date.

When paid in full, it will turn green but stay in the Total Paid out of Total Cost format to indicate that they indeed had selected a ticket/registration type that was set up with a payment plan. It also displays Paid in full. It will display in this same formatting on the Admin Order Pages as well.

Finally, in the Confirmation Emails and on the receipts, it will display in the following format displayed in the screenshot below. Current Amount they just Paid, Remaining Balance with the Due Date, and Total Paid out of Total Cost.

Referral Program

There’s nothing more trusted than a recommendation from a friend, and our customers are talking! In response to all that have faithfully supported and spread the word about our platform and services through the years, we’re excited to announce the newly-launched Brushfire Customer Referral Program. 

As a way to say, “thank you,” for spreading the word, we are rewarding our loyal customers with a cash reward. Do you know someone who might enjoy Brushfire? Simply share your referral link with a friend. Once they’ve booked and completed a product demo with a member of our sales team, you will receive $100 cash via a prepaid gift card. For more information and to sign-up, visit here!