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Say hello to your new Event App

Brushfire Product Updates

It’s time to enhance your event experience. The Brushfire Event App was designed and created to help your attendees engage with your events in a whole new way! With both an iOS and Android version, you can connect your app with Brushfire to provide a seamless registration process for your next event. The Event App is managed from an easy-to-use content management platform that allows you to make real-time updates to your app without pushing updates to the app store. So you can customize it how you want it!

Here’s a look at the features your Event App provides.

Newsfeed — When the app opens, attendees can be greeted by the news feed which contains all relevant updates and information in a stream of content you can easily scroll through. The feed can be used to advertise, display, or convey important information through images and text.

Schedule — The schedule provides a full program, which can be customized by the user with different tagging options to create a personalized view of the schedule. It also has the ability to add different types of information or event types, providing a further detailed view of the event information; including start and end times, venue, speakers, overview, and a note-taking option.

Bio List — Create a list of speakers, supporters, organizations, or partners with the option of an image, name, title, organization, and bio. The bio list also includes social media handles and website links, so the user can easily follow those speakers on social media or find out more information about them from their website.

Gallery — A beautifully presented image gallery for your attendees to view or download images and share with friends. An easy way to get your attendees to market for you!

Push Notifications — Create and manage curated push notifications through the preferences center. Here your attendees can opt-in to different topics to receive scheduled or ad-hoc push notifications on all their devices. Don’t let your attendees miss a beat!

Auto Registration — Easily allow your attendees to register for the next event by simply scanning their QR code directly from their device, or finding their details by email. Registration is quick and easy, taking less than 60-seconds to complete. Sell out next year before this year is over!

Need more features? Your Event App can also have a maps list, custom pages, web views, and in-app giving! (*Giving coming soon)

We look forward to launching your app soon!