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Hosting a Stress-Free Homecoming: 8 Event Tools You Need

We know hosting a homecoming can be complicated, but our customizable features and tools will ensure it is a memorable success.

Are you planning a Homecoming event and feeling overwhelmed? We know hosting school events like these can be complicated, but our customizable features and tools will ensure your Homecoming is a memorable success. From ticket/attendee types and forms to communications for the event and reports for the accounting department, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the features and tools that will make your next Homecoming run smoothly:

  1. Customizable Features: Our platform allows you to tailor your Homecoming event including banners, thumbnails, themes, attendee types, and even reporting, making it unique to your school. Whatever unique instance you come up with, Brushfire can find a solution that fits your needs.
  1. Detailed and Custom Reporting: Pull from pre-generated reports or customize your own by utilizing our extensive registration forms that enable you to ask every question necessary to gather the information you need to build strong reports. Manage capacity or distribute swag based on real-time data for your event hosts. Let us help you equip you with the knowledge you need for a successful event.
  1. Multi-event Check-in and Flexible Attendee Types: With our multi-event check-in feature, create multiple sessions, sub-events, and additional homecoming activities. Need only certain people to access specific tickets? Need a discount applied for certain groups? Our special access codes and promo codes allow you to further control your attendee types for your event.
  1. Extensive Forms: Our registration forms and reports go hand in hand. Our customized reports are only as good as the data you gather. The two categories to think through all the fields of data you would like to collect from are the Buyer Fields and the Attendee Fields. Make fields optional, conditional, required, visible, or non-visible for certain registration types or for administrators only.
  1. Attendee Assignment Tool: This tool makes it easy for your school to easily move attendees and volunteers to specific teams and breakout sessions, manage add-on sales inventory, and track delivery statuses and order fulfillment.
  1. Printing Badges & Tickets: We do the heavy lifting of building and customizing badges with all necessary details and provide access to printing equipment and Square readers for onsite check-in and purchases. Let Brushfire make this process easy for you!
  1. Event App: Our fully customized and branded app provides communication tools like push notifications, an event schedule, and an informative newsfeed for increased engagement and connection with students and alumni pre and post-homecoming.

  2. Virtual Experience: Brushfire Online allows you to include those alumni who may not be able to be physically present but still want to participate. BFO provides an online platform equipped to support multiple channels with a variety of viewing options. Expand your reach and increase ticket sales by including an on-demand virtual component equipped with interactive engagement tools and chat options for your attendees, fostering community and school pride.

Don’t let planning a Homecoming event stress you out. Let Brushfire simplify the process and create a successful event that alumni and students will remember for years to come. Download The Ultimate Event Planning & Management Guide to make your next Homecoming event unforgettable!