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Group Registrations For Your Events

Did you know that a group of penguins on land is called a “waddle”? When it comes to events, you want people to bring their entire waddle! People will enjoy your event at its greatest potential by attending it with the right people. So how can you encourage your attendees to bring their crew along? The best way is to provide group registrations.

What are group registrations?
In the context of conferences and events, group registrations are when a number (more than one) of people register together to receive a discounted ticketed price. How it works: one person will usually register for a certain number of people to receive the discounted ticket rate, after those initial tickets have been purchased then the group rate can be for anyone who would like to be in that group. An event registration company called Brushfire always offers an option of Group Registration when creating events. The idea of groups is much greater than that though, groups provide the chance for people to attend and experience an event together.

So, why should your conference have a group option?

  1. Groups can create a feeling of community around your event, a buzz you might say. Have you ever attended an event with friends, vs attending with people you don’t know? I am willing to bet the experience with a friend was much more fun. Countdowns, group messages, plans for food before, after and during the event, all of this planning and expectancy within a group creates excitement for when the day arrives. The group attending together will already be excited just to be together.
  2. More attendees! Why wouldn’t you want to encourage more people to attend your event? Nobody wants to miss an opportunity to hang out with their crew, create memories, and have good conversation. Groups will encourage that one person who might be hesitant, to make the jump because well, “everyone else is jumping off a cliff, I should too!”
  3. Loyalty. Yes, that’s right, group registrations can create loyalty among group leaders and attendees. As your event grows, so will your groups. Your group leaders can be the greatest advocate for your event. As group leaders enjoy your event, the more likely they are to come back with more attendees in tow.

Using Brushfire for event registration allows for a variety of group registration options and tools. Here are a few highlights of group registrations through Brushfire:

  1. Unique link. One problem many event organizers have with groups, is that when registering, people will enter what they think is the group name but it might be misspelled, or not even a registered group. Through a unique link this problem is completely taken care of! Group leaders are provided with a link they can share with their small group, friends or whoever they want to invite! Through this link, group leaders can be sure that their entire group will be together.
  2. Group Leader Management. Your group leaders will have the power to adjust any necessary information for your attendees! The group leader will have the ability to serve as a point of contact for your attendees. This is helpful for them and for you as the event organizer!
  3. Tiered Pricing. You can adjust group registrations to fit your event, from the number of people in a group, to the price of the registration per attendee, to early bird and late registration options, any combination you would like to make is available through Brushfire!

As an event organizer, you can’t help but love it when people gather together; and you certainly understand the value of community. Groups have the ability to facilitate community within your event no matter the size and are guaranteed to create a better experience for everyone!