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Capacity Management Made Easy

Capacity Management doesn’t have to be hard!

Track your capacity using Brushfire’s robust registration tool for your events. Simply control your attendee levels, schedule multiple services, capacity caps, and more. Plus, you can link directly to your custom registration page for a cohesive experience!

The tools to make Capacity Management a breeze!

Assigned Seat Ticketing: Allow attendees to choose their seats and know exactly where your congregants are sitting.

Mobile Check-in App: Scan registrations and get real-time updates on current capacities using the Brushfire Mobile App. Check it out →

Email & Communication Tool: Need to communicate to attendees recent contamination or any other important information? No problem! Our tools can help you do just that!

Reporting & Analytics: By using Brushfire to re-open or track capacity, get real-time reports and analytics for your services and events.

Online Experience: If you haven’t heard, we have an awesome streaming tool that you can connect to any event. And it’s included in your subscription!

Attendee Support: For the first time ever, Attendee Support is now included! Let our team be the front line of communication. You have enough on your plate, let us help!

Want more information on Capacity Tracking? Let us know →