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End-to-end ultra-resilient video streaming with a robust virtual event platform

virtual Events with Brushfire

The custom streaming page is just the start. Stream unlimited live, on-demand, and sim-live events. Provide engagement, chat, one-on-one chat, real-time integrations, pop-ups, moderation—to any video. Plus, connect to Ticketing & Registration for seamless attendee control.

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Resi and Brushfire platform

Stream Your Event With Resi

Unlike typical event streaming providers, Resi’s patented Resilient Streaming Protocol ensures every single frame reaches your viewer perfectly, even with temporary internet interruptions. What does this mean? Longer viewing times, the ability to reach a larger audience, and our personal favorite: flawless streaming with no interruptions! Plus, seamlessly transition your content to on-demand for long-term viewing and archival.