It’s safe to say that 2020 has been the longest year of our lives. With all its twists and turns, we’re proud of our clients, the fantastic events held this year, and the Brushfire team. When COVID hit in March, we had no clue a blog about streaming would turn into a fully custom online events solution, let alone launch it in less than three weeks. Despite the quarantines, complications, and changes, Brushfire had more events and more attendees than ever before. Here’s what we accomplished together in 2020.


Online Events

Brushfire's Online Experience

The launch of our Online Experience allowed organizations to better connect with attendees. And provide an excellent event experience while viewers stayed safe at home. It’s more than a streaming solution. It’s a platform that serves as a digital connection, an important thing your attendees needed this year. The platform adoption and numbers of events held are staggering. We believe it’s just the start! Events will never be the same. Online events are here to stay and your reach will continue to grow. 

Brushfire Conection


We’ve always provided a connection to online events, but now it’s better than ever! Brushfire’s Ticketing and Registration and Online Experience are a seamless, all-in-one solution un-like any other. Gather registrations, authenticate attendees, and allow them to enjoy your event from where they are—all inside one solution.

Social distanced seats

Socially Distanced Assigned Seats

Social distancing was an absolute must in 2020. Before events and gatherings started to happen after the initial shut down, our team knew a simple tool to socially distance your seats was going to be a game-changer. And it was! More than 80% of assigned seat events used the Socially Distanced Assigned Seat tool.

Capacity Management

Capacity management

You spent a better part of the year at 50% capacity, which meant you needed a tool to better track attendees. The Ticket and Shared Capacity features were highly used this year, and rightfully so. Brushfire provides a solution to manage attendees, venue, and anything else you might need. 


5.9 Million Total Attendees
2.6 Million Online Event Viewers
25 Thousand Events Created
3 Thousand Socially Distanced Assigned Seat Events
84 Thousand Calls & Emails
95% Satisfaction Rating

Add your events to these numbers!