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New Partner: Vimeo

It’s no secret that great, reliable video can make or break an online event. At Brushfire, we partner with companies that provide the best products and services. Since we launched Brushfire Online in 2020, we started working with loads of different video providers and players. When it comes to your events, you need support, reliability, and a simple platform to send your amazing content to Brushfire.

So, without further ado … we’ve partnered with Vimeo. 🎉

Vimeo is the world’s leading all-in-one video solution. With over 200 million users and upwards of 100 billion video views, they know a thing or two about video. Vimeo provides Brushfire with the highest quality streams we’ve seen. Plus, the best part is Brushfire Clients get a sweet deal!

Sign up for Vimeo using Brushfire and receive unlimited client support and 10% off!

Vimeo Plans (Pro, Business, & Premium)

More reasons to use Vimeo for your event or online church.

One video player, multiple styles: Vimeo allows you to send your live, simulated live, or on-demand videos to Brushfire’s platform.

Simple, sleek player design: In our opinion, Vimeo offers one of the best video players on the market. It’s simple, customizable, and doesn’t get in the way.

Who doesn’t want more analytics? Brushfire Online gives you detailed, real-time analytics, but Vimeo puts the cherry on top. Find out even more about your content!

Vimeo enables us to provide reliable, high-quality, live, and on-demand content that will help individuals … in their current time of need.

David S. (CEO, Bethel Media)