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Listen & Evolve

Last year was one of our favorites, but we already like 2019 more!

We’ve listened to every support ticket, call, event organizer, partner, and attendee. We know you’re ready for more. More events. More attendees. And more from your ticketing and registration platform. We’ve always said that every event is unique and deserves more than some out-of-the-box, cookie-cutter solution. Every event deserves the tools and team to make your event happen.

As you know, it’s our heart to better serve you. Yes, you. It’s our goal to listen and evolve. Every change, support article, code push, and the late-night flight is all with you in mind. Who wouldn’t want to hop on a plane to hang out with our awesome clients? The constant pursuit of better technology is so YOU can have the greatest impact and events possible.

What if we told you that we’ve got some items in the works to take your event further? Would that make you happy? Guess what … we do!

Some of the items we are looking at involve attendee apps, detailed data for your past and future events, better visualization, marketing activations, a more robust support team, and possibly a new … we’ll save that one for later!

Like we said, 2019 is looking great and we can’t wait to tackle it alongside you!

Remember, the best events are Brushfire events!

With love,

Stan, Jorin, Clayton, Dustin, Holli, Johan, Troy, Nic, Bonnie Ruth, Kevin, Todd, Regan, Jared, Michael, Rob, and Caleb.

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