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Case Study: The DEC Network + Brushfire

Founded in 2013, The DEC Network is a non-profit organization committed to driving innovation and economic impact by helping entrepreneurs start, build and grow their businesses. With a primary focus on empowering entrepreneurs through community, advocacy, and mentorship, The DEC Network relies heavily on workshops and networking events to better educate and embolden their entrepreneurs.

Since its inception, The DEC Network has attracted more than 125,000 visitors, hosted over 1,000 educational events, and worked with over 100 partner organizations.

Education and resources are at the core of what The DEC Network provides to its community of entrepreneurs. And enabling these leaders to be the best entrepreneurs they can be is largely made possible through The DEC Network’s ability to host informative, insightful events.

Download our latest case study to read more about The DEC Network’s response to planning events post Covid-19 and the Brushfire solutions that have helped propel them forward.