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3 Tips On Marketing Your Events

More and more events happen every year. Are you doing the most to tell people about yours?

Let’s be honest. Events are fun, but aren’t they MORE fun when people show up? We think so! And that’s why we’d like to help you to do just that. We picked three easy areas that could help you fill those seats.

Let’s get people to your event!


Content is key, or at least that’s what Forbes said once. But truly, it is! Having promotional content for any event is always a plus. You need to have something to put on your website, post on social media, include in an email, or even mail to potential attendees. How are people going to know about your concert or conference, if you don’t have anything to provide them?

Content should be simple, clear, and concise while keeping your target demographic and market in mind. If you’re trying to get Millenials to your conference, think about what they would like to see when you’re working with designs and creative.

Social Media:

Now that you have content, let’s use it. Are you using social media to communicate about your events? Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are a great way to tell the masses about your event. Social is consistently a top referring URL in Brushfire and it could be yours too!

Pro Tip: Have you thought about promoting posts or using paid advertising? You can use your past attendee list from your Brushfire event to create a lookalike audience on Facebook. An audience like this will allow you to advertise to people that “look like” the attendees that are already coming to your event.


Are you gathering email addresses from past events? Awesome! Email marketing is a great way to announce new events, keep constant communication about updates, and gather feedback. When possible, we recommend using list segmentation to make sure you’re emailing people who will open your email.

Pro Tip: Did you know Brushfire has a built-in email tool that allows you to filter by attendee information? Send targeted emails and stop wasting time using multiple applications.

The more you know. Happy Marketing!

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