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New Feature: Auto Socially Distanced Seats

Social distancing just got easier!

We just released a new feature and we’re really excited about it! Due to current requirements and regulations placed on events and weekly church services, a quick and easy way to social distance attendees is a must. So, naturally, we stuck our heads together and created this tool to take the weight off your shoulders.

Using our Assigned Seat Ticketing tool, plus a bit of ingenuity, we created something that we’re quite proud of. Drum roll, please … Auto Socially Distanced Seats!

See it in action!

Here’s how it works:
🚫 You choose which rows are blocked off.
✔️ Attendees are allowed to select available seats.
⚡️ You choose how many seats on either side are then automatically blocked.
😊 Everyone is safe and happy!

An Example:

Never used assigned seating? We can help with that too!

Add Auto Socially Distanced Seats