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Host your live, simulated live, and on-demand videos with our preferred video partner, Vimeo. The reliability and scalability powers more than 10 million events each year. Vimeo has simple tools to create, manage and share high-quality videos that connect seamlessly to Brushfire.

Sign up for Vimeo using Brushfire and get unlimited client support & 10% off!

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Were the all-in-one solution for events. Sell tickets, gather registrations, launch an online event, host an online church—Brushfire does it all. Event management doesn’t have to be hard. So why make it? Launch an event in minutes!

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Ticketing & Registrations

Fully custom ticketing and registration

When it comes to online ticketing and registrations, Brushfire can do it all. Unlimited ticket types, conditional registration forms, attendee management, promo codes, access codes, groups, and much more!

Going online has never been easier

Simply bring your stream, and we’ll provide reliability, chat, notes, custom branding, integrated donations, and more!

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Quickly create your account, set up your event, and get ready to host the successful event you're looking for!

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Whether your event is in-person, online, or some hybrid version—accomplish it all with Brushfire!

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Our team is standing by to help in any way we can! Have question? Call us! (866) 825-8252

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Events of all shapes and sizes use Brushfire and we think it's time for you to be one of them!