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Event App

Let attendees engage with your events in a new way! Our custom attendee event app equipped with a newsfeed, schedule, speaker bios, and more!

Fully custom, branded & integrated


Enhance the event experience for your attendees! Give them insight and access to your event more than ever before. 

Why it's the perfect event app


When the app opens, attendees will be greeted by the newsfeed which contains all relevant updates and information in a stream of content you can easily scroll through. 


The schedule provides a full program that can be customized by the user with different tagging options to create a personalized view of the schedule.

Bio List

Create a list of speakers, supporters, organizations, or partners with the option of images, name, title, organization, and biography. Also includes social media handles and website links, so the user can easily follow those speakers on social media or find out more information about them from their website.

Push Notifications

Create and manage curated push notifications through the preferences center, where your attendees can opt-in to different topics to receive scheduled or ad-hoc push notifications on all their devices.

Make updates in real-time

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