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October Updates

New Month, new updates! Would you look at that, it’s already October. Our team has been hard at work fine-tuning our top features and rolling out new updates to help you and your events.

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Video: A Message From Pastor Brian Houston

Hillsong, partnered with Brushfire, provides an event experience that is second to none. The desire for a flawless attendee experience drives the pursuit of excellence that requires Brushfire’s innovative tools for reducing queues and time spent waiting in line, an enhanced seating and attendance experience, and the ability to save time and money managing events across multiple continents.

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Capacity Management Made Easy

Brushfire has the tools to help you reopen safely and seamlessly. Track your capacity using Brushfire’s robust registration tool for your weekly services and events. Simply control your attendee levels, schedule multiple services, capacity caps, and more. Plus, you can link directly to your custom registration page for a cohesive experience

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20 Tips For Working Remote

So, you’re working remotely now? Welcome to the club! If you didn’t already know, Brushfire is a fully remote company and has been since the beginning. We asked the Brushfire team to share some rules and tips for remote work.

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