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Hillsong Church

Hillsong, partnered with Brushfire, provides an event experience that is second to none. The desire for a flawless attendee experience drives the pursuit of excellence that requires Brushfire’s innovative tools for reducing queues and time spent waiting in line, an enhanced seating and attendance experience, and the ability to save time and money managing events across multiple continents.

Features They Use:

Attendee Seating Management
Attendee Seating Management
Mobile Check-in & Kiosk
Mobile Check-in & Kiosk
Attendee Fulfillment
Attendee Fulfillment
Hillsong Church Case Study

A perfect solution to Hillsong’s small to large scale event’s ticketing and registrations.​

I have been responsible for our large event’s ticketing and registrations for a number of years as well as the technology and information areas for Hillsong Church. Two years ago, after meeting with the world’s best ticketing platforms and providers and coming to the realisation that they could not support our specific requirements as a church requiring complexity and depth in our registrations, we decided to build our own software. However, we understood the gravity of the decision to develop such a system and weren’t excited about the journey ahead.

I was introduced to Brushfire Technology and their ticketing and registration platform. After a very short time and no upfront costs, Brushfire’s solution had proven itself as the perfect solution for our needs. With their unique understanding of industry standards around software development and the nature of the church, we had found our answer. This allowed our conferences and events to move forward and our technology department to concentrate on other issues.

Brushfire, as a team, now operates as an extension of our own events and technology departments. Through their flexibility and commitment to excellence in customer service, it’s difficult to remember that they are a supplier and not part of our family. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Rob Beach, Hillsong Church

The Solution

Brushfire iOS App Check-in and Print Kiosk

The event check-in experience is one of the most crucial aspects in event management. We partnered with Hillsong to provide an iOS app that allows attendees to check-in and print their credentials in an instant. With growth in event size comes the exponential increase in demand for customer service. The Brushfire iOS app allows Hillsong to serve attendees more efficiently and requires attendees to spend less time waiting in line.

Brushfire Groups Management

A crucial component of the success to seating communities are attendee groups. Event attendees can organize a group of friends, co-workers, or congregation members into a group so that they can experience the event together. Now attendees can create and manage groups own their own. Group organizers receive access to notifications when attendees join and leave their group, as well as the ability to manage the attendee details of their group members.

Brushfire Attendee Seating Management

Hillsong has a one-of-a-kind approach to seating thousands of people in a single venue for a multi-day event: seating communities. Friends, family, and groups are seated together and distributed into groups that sit in different sections of the venue for each session. What used to be a manual process has become automated through an allocation tool that assigns attendees to seating communities based upon their registration type, special needs, group, and other factors.

Brushfire Attendee Fulfillment

Distributing thousands of attendee credentials around the world is a logistical challenge. Brushfire worked with Hillsong to create printing and fulfillment tools to increase efficiency and track progress in issuing event name badges. Tracking attendee changes and recording previous prints help maintain safety and security during an event. Alongside Brushfire’s iOS App Check-in and Print Kiosk, attendee fulfillment tools have reduced the time spent managing and distributing attendee credentials.

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